Lessons, Boarding, Training, & Sales


Full-Care Board

Our Full-Care boarding option offers personalized top of the line care.

*We do NOT offer field board, or self-care options*

-12x12 matted stalls
-12 hour rotational turnout
-Fans for each stall (Summer months)
-Nutrena Horse Feeds
-Supplements fed at no extra charge
-Wash stall with hott & cold water
-Cross-Country course with variety of jumps (Coming soon)
-2 rings, One open sand/stone dust combo, and one fenced grass arena
-Quality Hay
-Standard 3 board wood fencing
-Blanket Changes (Up to 2x/day at the discretion of the barn owner)

Additional Charges:
Leg Wraps- $20
Medication Administration - $5-$15
Hold for Vet/Farrier- $15
Trailer Parking - $50/mo
Trailering - $2.50/Loaded Mile $1.50/Unloaded Mile 

*Every boarder MUST provide PROOF of current Coggins, and Vaccination records. No horse is allowed on the farm without this.


Flat & Jump Lessons

Flat or Over-Fences - 45 min (Private) $55 Beginners - Advanced

Group Lesson (No more then 4 people) - 45 min $45
Beginners - Advanced 

Lesson Packages - 
"One A Week" (4 Lessons/mo - Private)-$200 ($20 dollars in savings)
"Two A Week" (8 Lessons/mo - Private) - $360 ($80 dollars in savings)

**Lesson Packages are only good for 30 days from purchase date, and are non-refundable.**

If you need to cancel a Lesson, 24 hour notice is a MUST. There is no charge for a rescheduled lesson UNLESS you cancel under a 24 hour notice in which you will be charged for 50% of the lesson fee.
 (Emergencies are understood and exempt from this policy)

All lessons are scheduled through our online portal.


Offering Partial or Full Training

Individual Rides - $35/professional ride

All Packages include Full Care Board. 

30 day Tune-Up/Restarting
Horse is handled DAILY. 4-5 Rides/Week. 1-2 days of ground work training for a total of 6-7 days a week of being handled and worked with in some capacity. $1250 (Includes Full Care Board)

Partial Training - $800/mo this includes 2 professional rides a week. (You may switch out a professional ride for a lesson if preferred)

Full Training - $950/mo this includes 3-4 rides a week. (up to 2 rides may be switched out for a lesson)

Custom packages can be discussed. 

-Limited Availability/Spots-

**All rides are recorded through our online portal. Trainer writes detailed notes for each ride, and updates are sent to the owner post ride. Owner and trainer establish both short term, and long term goals for the horse, and rider, and work together to achieve them. Rides are subject to inclement weather.


Horse Sales

Standard Full-Care Board - $650
OR Training Board (See Training Services for prices)

For all sales over $8000- 8% fee charged
For all sales under $8000 - 12% fee is charged

**Trainer highly-recommends that horse is in some kind of training program while being listed for sale**

Examples - 
Horse sells for $1000 - Trainer Receives $120 Owner receives $880

Horse sells for $10,000 - Trainer recieves $800 Owner receives $9200

Additional Services

Please inquire if its not listed here

Trace - $75
Everything BUT legs & face - $100
Full Body - $140

About our Trainer

Sarah Mullins is both a national and international rider, representing the United States, with experience competing in a variety of horse sports. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and specializes in restarting and training horses. She has extensive experience with OTTB's, Rescues and problem horses. She has a passion for working directly with clients, setting goals and watching horse and rider achieve them.